…Now You Don’t

This is the full review of the movie Now You See Me by - October 02, 2013
Now You See Me

When you love a feel-good movie, Now You See Me will make you feel great. This movie will bring you back to your age of amusement to magic and illusion. Center on the theme of faith for the unknown, the plot has brought four of the greatest illusionist in America (Eisenberg, Harrelson, Fisher and Franco) also known as the Horsemen, to bring the world in a great magic show architected by the son of the magician Lionel Shrike who died while performing a magic trick. Each individual and companies that were culpable to the failure of Shrike were made to pay by the Horsemen during their shows.

The movie’s line ‘the closer you look, the less you see’ is an embodiment that life is to be enjoyed in its entirety and not by parts where Rhodes (Ruffalo) in the movie would also say in the later part of the story that the greatest magic in the world is bringing four different individuals to work together for a common goal. Now You See Me is not only about magic as entertainment but also about relationship, karma, faith, and life. It’s the movie to be watched by the skeptic or by those who were made rigid by failures in life.

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