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This is the full review of the movie About Time by - September 23, 2013
About Time

Harking back to the days when I loved watching Brit romantic movies such as Love, Actually, Notting Hill, even Wimbledon, About Time is a welcome addition and quite possibly the best movie I’ve seen in a while. Bill Nighy’s faultless humor and almost imperceptible sweetness brings together this gem of a romantic movie that isn’t all about the usual cheekiness of love but reminds us that family, with all its insanity, actually is what keeps us sane. The lead character Tim, played by relative unknown Domhnall Gleeson (of the Harry Potter movies) is a desperado who moves out to London looking for the love of his life. His father, played by Bill Nighy, had just told him he could travel back in time and was something only the males in their family are capable doing. Tim eventually meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) through a blind date. But a series of events undoes their first meeting, and Tim scrambles to get Mary to fall in love with him no matter what. I’ve one thing to say about Rachel McAdams — I mean… what’s not to love about her? Gleeson and McAdams had an undeniable chemistry going on, it’s hard to tell otherwise. Watch the movie as soon as you can — not many will make time to do so, but make sure you do.

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