A Great Twisted Legend

This is the full review of the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by - July 05, 2012
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is an entertaining flick that explores unbelievable accounts of a “real-life” American President while chronicling his life filled with wisdom, romance, politics and revenge.

Shot over amazingly engineered set designs and color-graded with eye-opening color palettes, Tim Burton’s latest production borrows his dark  elements and complements it with Timur Bekmambetov plausible direction following Seth Grahame-Smith’s compelling screenplay which fashionably adapts to modern story-telling.

The script is great even without a lot of humor, and I believe you won’t be needing that because the film will jab you with its well-choreographed action and bloody sequences over a music that swings together with Abrahamn’s marvelous ax. By the way, don’t miss the axe swinging and flinging sequence of Benjamin Walker (and Anthony Mackie) on top of the train. On the minus side, the film suffers from poor make-up especially in the later part where everyone was supposed to age the same as with Lincoln’s. Unfortunately, all the make-up were used on Walker.

Smith’s dark take on Abraham Lincoln’s life as he goes through the historical backbone of The United States with words and axe, is something one should not question for its credibility – because this fictionalized History turns out to be bizarrely fun and awesome that it will make you forgive its flaws. After all, history prefers legends to men. And Honest Abe, from just a man of faith and courage – has now become a legend.

After twisting fairytales and turning them into live action movies. The people behind Abraham Lincoln makes history for twisting reality which may become the next trend in Hollywood.

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  • I haven’t watched. But heard a lot of good reviews like yours. Can’t wait to catch it this weekend. 🙂

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