Tattoos Never Disappoint

This is the full review of the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by - February 21, 2012
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Personally, I think tattoos are awesome. Except, of course, if they harbor bad grammar and spelling. Tattoos, plus a hot bisexual girl, usually you can never go wrong with that combo.

Overall, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was very entertaining. The action scenes were gory but not too gory and they were realistic too. I felt mad when the characters were mad, and I felt nervous when they’re about to get caught/die/lose. Most of this can be attributed to good acting, casting and cinematography; so I commend this movie for those. But if I were to let my nitpicky self in the picture, the movie lacked a few things that could have made it more stellar.

For one, the sex scenes between Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig felt awkward. Such scenes made me fidget in my seat and ask myself when’s it gonna end. It was obvious that they lacked chemistry. Maybe they should’ve made Craig become confused for a while, when he was sleeping with Mara. Also, I expected to see just a little bit more gusto there (lovemaking) rather than simple carnal cravings. What a way to make love/ security the side issue here. Either you follow through or just leave it. I can watch a full-on action film and not move an inch.

Moreover, I didn’t like that the story was more focused on Daniel and his quest to prove that he was a serious investigator/ journalist rather than Lisbeth’s (Mara’s character) background or her intelligence. Maybe they should give the actual girl with the dragon tattoo more face time next time. (There’s a sequel, I hear.)

I never read the book or watched the earlier movie version so I didn’t have anything to compare it with. Over all, I give it a 7.5 because I didn’t feel like I wasted my time and money watching the film. How about you?

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